walking down a tree-lined new hampshire sidewalk in the fall

Dachshunds in New England and Embracing Keene's Quirky Charm

Ring in the New Year with a dash of Keene charm and a couple of mini dachshunds in New England!

So, picture this: the clock hits midnight, the New Year kicks in, and bam! Keene, New Hampshire is bathed in this crisp air that practically screams "fresh start" and "you got this!" I'm just there, surrounded by the stunning beauty of New England, reflecting on the year gone by—no, seriously, I've got my own personal reflections right in my window.

Gratitude Alert in New England:

Keene is like this cozy heart in the middle of New England, serving up rolling hills, dense forests, and charming small-town vibes. It's like living in a Bob Ross painting, but with the bonus of New England flair. Every sunrise is like Mother Nature saying, "You're welcome," and I'm just nodding in agreement, grateful for the breathtaking beauty.

Remote Work & Nature's Jam:

Working remotely has turned my professional life into a mixtape, and guess what? Nature's on vocals! My home studio is like the VIP section to watch the seasons change. The calls of wildlife and the leaves doing their dance in the autumn breeze? It's like they're adding their own beats to my daily grind.

Dachshunds: The Real MVPs of New England Life:

Now, amidst all this nature rhapsody, let's not forget my two dachshunds stealing the show. Whether it's a fashion stroll through fall's color palette or a snowball fight in winter, these furry amigos are the real VIPs, making every day an adventure in this picturesque wonderland.

Keene: Where It's At:

Keene is the cool kid in the New England block. Historic vibes, friendly faces, and an energy that matches the seasons – this town's got it all. It's like living in a Hallmark movie, but with less drama and more cozy cafes. From farmers' markets to local haunts, Keene is basically the heartbeat of New England life.

Washington St.

Cheers to the New Year, New England Style:

As the New Year kicks in, I'm all pumped up to keep soaking in inspiration from the ever-changing New England landscapes. Each day's like a new episode in this nature show, and I'm here for it. The New Year is a blank canvas, and I'm armed with my brushes, ready to paint my way through the beauty that is Keene. Here's to new beginnings, endless possibilities, and the natural wonders that make Keene, NH, the ultimate New England haven! Cheers, y'all! 🎉

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