Set of 2 Towels - Vintage STEAMSHIP - Multi-Purpose Flour Sack Kitchen Bar Towels - Renewable Natural Cotton

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Set of 2 LARGE 28x33" Towels
Hand Printed in earth friendly Navy ink.
Manufactured in the USA. Hand pressed in California.

These towels make a great all around handy towel for the home. Makes a great gift!

They get softer with each wash!

What in the World are Flour Sack Towels?

They’re called “flour sack towels” because the tightly woven cotton used to hold flour from the mid-1800s through the 1950s was re-purposed into towels, bedding, and clothing by the resourceful women of days gone by.

Uses for Flour Sack Towels...
*Ideal for dry-dusting TV and computer screens. Use them with furniture polish or lemon oil for dusting wood furniture.
They hold onto dirt better than any microfiber/duster-style cloth, great for dusting ceiling fans and blinds.
*Bib: tie the short end around your baby’s neck to cover her body from chin to knees, or fold the towel in half for cup practice or messy foods for double-layer absorbency.
*Burp Cloth: lip one over your shoulder to burp a gassy baby–super sized flour sack towels cover more of you.
*Drying dishes, particularly glassware, without streaking. Also great fro Windows and mirrors since they are lint free.
*Wipe up messy kitchen spills: coffee, marinara, grease, etc.
*Cover dough to keep from drying out as it rises, or cover baked goods to keep insects and dust out while they cool without trapping steam inside as foil or plastic wrap can.
8Sanitary cleaning: flour sack towels don’t trap hair (like cloth napkins and terry cloth towels do),so you won’t have to pore over your towels looking for icky stray hairs before you use them around food.
*Dry lettuce and veggies after washing–just wrap the food in a clean flour sack towel and gently squeeze.
*Note: Don’t use fabric softener if you use flour sack towels for food prep.
*Shine your faucet with the damp flour sack towel after you finish drying dishes, then use it to spot-mop the kitchen floor–3 cleaning tasks quickly done with 1 towel.

Lint Free
, 100% Renewable Cotton

All 4 sides hemmed and stitched.

**The fibrous look of this product may vary from towel to towel and is characteristic of natural, unbleached cotton. Because these towels are hand printed, each print and placement will vary slightly.

Product dimensions
Length: 28 "
Width: 33"

Care instructions
Machine wash.
Tumble dry, normal.

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