ORCA (No Tanks) Eco Throw Pillow Cover 20x20

Brighten up your space with a new throw pillow! Hand screen pressed in California.

Length: 20 " (50 cm)/Width: 20 " (50 cm)
Bottom Zipper

Environmentally friendly renewable material (100% Ramie cotton).
Ramie fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers. Ramie can be up to 8 times stronger than cotton, and is even stronger when wet.

Ramie Fabric?
Similar to linen, Ramie as a fabric, is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers or non-organic fibers. It is also very soft and is highly absorbent. Ramie fabric also has good stain resistance. It’s great in the wash too. It doesn’t shrink, and can withstand high water temperatures. It’s lustrous appearance actually improves with washing.

Machine wash, warm. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.
Iron, wrong side only. warm. Do not dryclean.

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Materials: earth friendly ink,silkscreen,pillow

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